Recent cooperations.

It's not about with whom I have worked with - but for some reason it makes me seem more credible in the eyes of some people, so if you are one of them here is a brief list of mention-worthy cooperations from the recent years. I try to approach every project with great attention and am almost obsessed with everything I do, regardless of how "big" the project - or how "important" the client - is.



Martin Kohout SS19

Pictures commissioned by fashion designer Martin Kohout. All frames were taken in the Clam-Gallas palace during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, just before the show. Shot on film.

The images were also published in publication called “SWG pt. ii” (sold out).

ambassador of the #LiveForTheStory competition

During the Spring/early Summer of 2017 I had the honour to be an ambassador of a huge photographic competition held by the Canon company. My role was to create a “sample" entry and spread information about the competition across the fellow photographers using my online photo channels.

Agency: Emperium, s.r.o. Client: Canon CZ

"discover THE unknown" campagin

In Fall of 2015, I was asked to be one of the first contributors to a new page showcasing beautiful places from all over the Czech Republic as a part of BMW advertising campaign. My role was to make photos of an interesting place of my choice and add to them the GPS info and a short story. 

The shot can be also viewed here.

Agency: Apploud Digital s.r.o. Client: BMW

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week F/W 18

In the spring of 2018, I had the honour to document backstage of the single biggest fashion event in the Czech Republic, the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. I was commissioned by Robert Starý's Salon - a prestigous hair dresser based in Prague - and my goal was to focus on the hair styles primarily.

In order to achieve the best possible image quality, I partnered with Hasselblad, and the whole series was captured in the resolution of 50 megapixels. Using the combination of Hasselblad X1D and Canon 5Ds, I was able to quickly switch formats with different aesthetics and workflow, without the need to compromise on quality. Even though the work was a combination of documentary and fashion photography, I needed to make sure, that the output will be flexible enough to be used in various formats. The postproduction itself also was quite an interesting process - during the busy four days, I captured over 130 gb of data and to comply with tight deadlines, I had to invent a system of processing and organising the overwhelming amount of data.

The final images were primarily used on Robert Starý's Salon social channels.

UPDATE: The pictures were also published in the may issue of FotoVideo magazine Selected images can also be viewed here.

Nike Training Session Photoshoot

In the beginning of August 2017, I did a series of pictures for Nike. My first task was to create images from Nike's training sessions (some sessions were open to the public, some were private, held solely for Nike's own trainers). The pictures were later used in Nike's promotional material as well as in their press release. I spent the whole day shooting at the given location and was then asked to deliver first set of the images in the very same evening and the rest of them next morning. In order to meet Nike's requirements and deliver the shots in time, I had to have an assistant who was downloading and pre-editting the pictures right on set. Apart from that, I also got very limited amount of time to make set of portraits of Nike's team members. For the whole shoot, I was using two full-frame bodies from Canon with a range of "L lenses"; in case of the portrait session, however, I aimed for a bit more "stylised look", so I used my medium format Hasselblad to do some of the shots.

Agency: Emperium, s.r.o. Client: Nike


During 2019 I cooperated with architecture firm LZ Atelier on some of their recent projects. The main one was newly reconstructed Villa Marna in Prague. I created a set of architectural images documenting the property. Shot mostly on Canon 5Ds.

architecture Workshop in Spain

In the Spring 2017, I won the biggest photo competition organized by Canon CZ so far - thanks to that I was able to participate in a Canon workshop focused on architecture photography in Spain.

UPDATE! One of the pictures I took during the workshop was selected by Vogue IT and later on published on their website. The picture can be viewed through this link:

Hasselnuts partnership

I got in touch with Jun Hoshino, Japanese inventor and photographer, and established partnership with his company in order to test and promote the Hasselnuts adapter which he had invented. His project collected over $32,687 support through Kickstarter and offered a brand new platform to many Hasselblad photographers.

I became their ambassador and began testing their adapter during my Mediterranean tour in 2016. Later on, I created a portfolio of images that helped to show the potential of the product. I ended up producing whole bunch of content for the company, from product shots, to a series of text tutorials focusing on shooting with the product. This slowly became one of my most complex cooperations involving series of shoots across Europe and the USA and I still am an external consultant for the company's future projects. The content I created can be found either on their website or on the Instagram; sample tutorial I prepared can be downloaded right here.


In Summer 2017, I was asked to become Canon's official photographer at their "photo hub" container.  It was a complex project involving many preparations and culminated with a three day long photo session during which I took more that 300 "clean" portraits. The whole event was held to showcase the workflow potential of Canon's equipment and Canon provided me with perfect background to make the best possible pictures (from the technical point of view, at least). I was using the Canon 5D mark IV with two speedlites, all pictures I took were instantly transferred (over wifi) to one of two retouchists that (based on my suggestions) made minor adjustments in Photoshop and than printed the pictures to hand them over to the portraitees.

This whole process - from preparing the to-be portraited persons to handing the final picture to them - took approximately three minutes which is the result of incredible cooperation of the whole team (that counted 11 people).

Agency: Emperium, s.r.o. Client: Canon CZ

FotoSkoda - content creator

I created several short clips documenting one of the biggest Czech photo festivals.

In order to quickly and truthfully capture the atmosphere of the event and share it as soon as possible through the company's official social channels, I created very fast workflow thanks to which I was able to make a series of short clips within tens of minutes.

Land Rover Adventure Day

In Summer 2015, I joined the Land Rover team during a unique event and captured the fleet of their off-road cars in action! It was important to process the shots really quickly, so I had to pre-edit them on the spot. The pictures were then used on official Land Rover channels.

Agency: Apploud Digital s.r.o. Client: Land Rover

Samuel and Pigini

During the Spring of 2012, I got in touch with a gifted accordionist Stanislav Raška, who asked me to make some portrait photos for him. Over the years, our co-operation has expanded - eventually, I created his complete visual identity based on simple yet strong portfolio of pictures from various performances. I also made a series of short videos for him, and designed virtually everything he needed for his promotion - from business cards through official website to performation announcement leaflets. Even though it all ended up as quite a huge project, I still percieve it just as an extension of my photographic work. This time, I was not just to provide the shots. It was wonderful and rewarding to retain the control over how the pictures would be used (and in what context) and to make the most of them. I was given the chance to get everything fit and work together, to make the pictures mutually compatible and complementary. 

Sort of a "highlight" of our cooperation was a series of photos and a couple of videos showcasing his brand new and custom made instrument by the famous Italian accordion brand Pigini. Apart from Samuel himself, the Pigini brand have used some of the pictures as well.

canon partnership

Apart from special photography-related events, I am happy to have a good relationship with the Canon company; I have made a number of pictures for them that are now being used on their social media channels. During my stay in Ireland and France in 2017, I created a series of pictures focused on the M series cameras and on the brand new 6D mk ii - I was even provided with the pre-production model to test the camera out. I also did a small "low light" series in the New York City using the Canon 5Dsr and the incredible EF 11-24mm lens.

Sample images are below (you can change them just by clicking).


DP consultant

In 2015, I was invited by the PrintVideo production in the city of Brno to join their team while making a commercial for the Lufthansa company. My role was to implement artistic elements to the production and be one of the DPs on set.

Agency: Print-Video Client: Lufthansa

Nike partnership

In 2012, I helped to establish strategic partnership between Nike and an on-line magazine for which I was making video series' on IT and technology back then.

At the time, it was my biggest project so far and I was in charge of almost everything - I was negotiating the contract, renting the gear, making videos with it, editing sound and video recordings and arranging the final distribution. It was quite a complex production which was a bit difficult at times - on the other hand, I was able to precisely control the result.

Simplycola #instafreeze

In the Fall of 2016 I was invited by RedBull SimplyCola to join their team for several days in Slovakia (they were to create a unique, first of it's kind "instafreeze" video). 

Together with a number of skilled photographers, I became a part of of rather a complex process involving more than 20 separate cameras.

Agency: Apploud Digital s.r.o. Client: RedBull